Saturday, September 24, 2011

Memories 1/30

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on my last post. I am working on a response post, but it's not ready yet, so instead:

In two short months I will be celebrating a big milestone birthday. That's right ladies and gentlemen (do gentlemen read this blog? hmmm not sure. Hi Jeremy), I am turning thirty.  I've been bugging Jeremy about this birthday for the last 6 months. I told him that I wanted a big party. He kept grilling me about what I wanted to do, how big was big, dinner or just visiting. Poor Jeremy. I kept changing my mind. Then a month or so ago I threw out that maybe a vacation would be more fun than a party. I've always wanted to stay in the Poconos or go to Vermont and get real maple syrup. So I threw even more ideas at Jeremy. He kept asking me for details, what did I really want for my birthday. I thought about it and thought about it. Finally I realized what I really wanted, so I told him: I don't care what you do, if its a party, a surprise, a weekend getaway, whatever. What I really want for my birthday is a memory.

This realization (and the realization that my poor blog is languishing) inspired me to start a new blog project - 30 by 30. My goal is to write about 29 memories before my 30th birthday, then write about my new 30th memory. Tonight seemed like a good time to start.

In a few days it is my friend Emily's birthday, so tonight my memory is about her. I don't know if I remember our exact first meeting, but I have a vague recollection of playing softball at The North Stake Center in Rexburg and my mom bringing this new girl over and telling me to play with her,  I think we were around 10 years old. I remember being really annoyed and thinking that I didn't want a new friend. I was wrong. 

Emily was only in rexburg for summers. Her dad (Papa Rick) and my Dad coached football together. Emily lived the rest of the year in Tulsa with her mom, but thankfully during the summers she got to stay with her dad. I say thankfully because Emily and I became like two peas in a pod. 

Here we are hanging out at Elaine's house.

For as long as I can remember, Emily and I have always called each other SIG (along with our other friends). It stands for Sisters In the Gospel. Maybe it was from Girls Camp, I don't know. GC is a possibility because that was always one of the highlights of our summer adventures. But Girls Camps will be another post. 

Emily and I became pretty inseparable (except for when we were separated during the school year.) Every year it was like she had never left. She was friends with all my friends, we had crushes on all the same boys (hello Matt, Zach, Tyler (wait that was just Emily)), and we loved the same kind of mischief. Though to be honest, I was always I stay-in-the-car kind of hoodlum (chicken),  but Em was always up for anything. She toilet papered, water-gunned Main Street, and saran wrapped toilets with the best rexburg-ites.

I would say the peak of our friendship was in college. We lived together at Carousel Court, spent way to many nights "sleeping at my mom's house," and spent the summer in Alaska together, where I got my all-time favorite hair cut and color. I promised the stylist that if I ever got rich and famous I'd fly her to the lower 48 to so my hair.

This picture does not do it justice, but hello, I have awesome blue eye shadow on!

The thing I remember most about Em is that we just always had sooo much fun together. She will be at the center of some more memories (yielding, fishing, radio game road trips, etc.) because she was always so fun.

Anyway, here is the specific memory I wanted to write about. When Em and I were in Alaska, we went on a drive with a boy named Craig. I'm sure we saw some beautiful mountains, flocks of bald eagles, and more. But what I remember about that drive was a rest stop bathroom. We pulled into a parking lot to try and use the bathroom (I think) and as we were pulling around to park we saw the largest backside I have ever seen bent over right in front of us. (Mean I know, but it is important to the story). Then out of nowhere this women straightens up and she has on safety goggles, rubber gloves, horrible teeth, and a toilet wand in one hand. She waves it at us, scowled, and bent right back down. It was so strange and sooo funny. I almost peed my pants we laughed so hard. We didn't stop either. For the rest of the summer we'd tell the story of big-booty Judy (made up name) and laugh at the silliness of it all over again.

Cut to the following October. We were back at school and Halloween night was here. We were headed to a costume party, I think it was for our ward. Emily and I decided on the perfect costume, and thus was born our Big Booty Judy costumes:

Seriously, what college girl wears a costume that makes her behind look enormous?! The stuffed sweat pants proved to be a fatal flaw, the party was so hot it was almost unbearable. In fact we may have taken them off (to reveal regular pants!).

So not my proudest moment,  but still something I will never forget.

Now Emily lives in Alaska and I live here, and we haven't seen each other in wayyyy too long, and we don't talk as often as I always thought we would. But man do we have memories.

I had to sit down for a shot during my bridal pictures, and I could not get up. Jen, Em and my Mom were really  trying to help (by laughing). Good times.
I hope you'll enjoy the next couple months of living through my memories. If any of you have any corrections please send them my way - my memory is almost 30 years old.



  1. Good way to usher in your birthday. Emily was lucky to get you for a friend!

  2. LOL! Oh the memories.. I love that you are reading a book in that picture at my house! How did I never hear about big booty Judy? Was I married? Probably... I love this memory idea and just might steal it unless I can come up with something adequate to commemorate my 30th.